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Tipping for tap water in LA restaurants for World Water Week


  World Water Day 2010 celebrated in India on March 22.  AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh.

The UNICEF Tap Project raises funds and awareness for world water needs this week by requesting a donation of one dollar or more from restaurant patrons who consume tap water.

In tandem with World Water Week March 21-27, the Tap Project charitable organization wants people to help eradicate the clean water crisis around the world. 

The Tap Project web site lists restaurants by zip code or city and state which are participating in this week's tap water tipping.  There are 28 listings for the city of Los Angeles, allowing patrons in a city with its own drought issues to support global health and sanitation needs.

If you don't like the taste of LA's drinking water, throw a slice of lemon in it and imagine all the people who can greatly benefit from one dollar per glass, or conserve even more by skipping the water at the restaurant and making a dry donation.

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