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Tip of the week: Where to put your hanger

Regardless of what your taste for art is, you will need some way to hang it on the wall. Here a couple of tips of the trade when utilizing either one of these hanger options.

Wire Hanger:

  • Your screw eyes, or brackets should be attached 1/3 of the way down on your frame.

Example: The outside dimension of you r frame is 15inches, places the brackets/screw eyes at 5 inches

  • Ensure that the wire that you are using is the appropriate poundage. It usually comes in increments of 10lbs.

  • Be sure to allow some slack in your wire, this will allow for a more even hang once applied to the wall.

Saw tooth:

  • It is not suggested that you use a saw tooth on a picture larger than 16x20 inches. It does not allow for proper weight distribution for the overall size of the frame.

  • The sawtooths that have hooked ends that you hammer stright into the back of the frame are much easier to align and attach rather then those with very small brad nails that must be hammered in.

  • Always place your sawtooh in the direct center of the frame.

Example: The outside dimension of the frame is 9 inches, align the center of the saw tooth with the 4 1/2 inch mark. You can also mark the back of the frame with a pencil to ensure that you sstay at that measurement. Most saw tooths have a raised dot on them marking the center.

  • If you use two saw tooths on your frame, use the 1/3 method.

Example: The outside dimension of your frame is 9 inches. Place the center of one saw tooth at 3inches and the other at 6inches. This will give you an even distribution across the top of the frame.

With these simple tips you will be hanging your own pictures like a pro in no time at all. 


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