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Tip of the month, rent automobiles and save money

Pick one off the lot and keep it for the week or month, save money
Pick one off the lot and keep it for the week or month, save money

Nobody really rents cars anymore, or even rents motorcycles. It is the size of our egos that is holding us back in this regard, we think we need to take ownership of everything and just have it for ourselves until the end of time. Well, the world does not work that way anymore, and with the recession where it is today, we are lucky to own any cars at all, not to mention a home of our own.

Believe me, there is no shame at all to rent a car, I mean think about it, we do it any way when we travel, we decide we will shell out the $20 a day for a rental car for the length of the vacation instead of having to flag down a taxi cab every time we step out of the hotel and not have any idea how much it will cost out of pocket because we don't know how long it will take to get to the destination. With our own rental cars we can, and some of them are electric nowadays so that just adds to the appeal, and not only are we saving money, but we are saving money without feeling guilty and cleaning up the environment as well.

If I had it my way, I would want nobody to drive, we could all be cavemen and cavewomen and just walk to our destinations. Not only will America get fit and bring down the percentage of obesity in our country, but can you imagine where the economy would be right now if we just walked everywhere? It would be a dream come true, but since everything is far away and not close knit like in San Francisco where you do walk everywhere, we all have to either take taxi cabs or cars. Renting is the cure all for it though, and putting $20 down per day is a pretty good amount of savings. In a week where your car sucks up gas, and has you put in more money to maintain it per day, you could save a third of that money just by consistently renting a car. It would make perfect sense, and it is very fiscally responsible.

That is why renting is the tip of the month for November, and there will be more to come. This holiday season when you are going to visit your relatives or friends for Thanksgiving, rent a car, you will not regret it. Time to be responsible America, the cavemen were.