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Tip it to say good day: Celebrate National Hat Day

Give everyone you pass on the street today a tip from your hat to let them know you acknowledge their presence, to say good day and to show off your topper.

National Hat Day!

January 15 is another fun holiday to celebrate and it is “National Hat Day”!

How many of you were hats? Bet the number is tremendous.

From infants with little skull caps they come home from the hospital to the cute little bonnets parents accessorize them with to make them look even more adorable. Children wear hats that tie under the chin so they won’t lose them. Teens are sporting funky skull caps and baseball caps just to be cool. Adults will be seen in top hats, fedoras and baseball caps depending upon where they are going.

What is your favorite hat style? Are you a hat person?

Today is the day to take out that favorite hat and place it upon your head and strut your stuff to show off the great hat you have and to celebrate this funny little holiday.

Maybe you are a knitter or crochet expert and have made hats for friends, family, baby showers or donated them to assisted living centers. This is another great way to enjoy hat day.

Dress you head and enjoy “National Hat Day”!

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