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‘TinyKeep’ developer talks about the game’s unique A.I.

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PhiGames’ upcoming Dungeon-Escaping RPG, “Tiny Keep,” has gotten plenty of buzz lately, earning plenty of rave reviews from critics after a closed beta session, thanks in part to the game’s refreshing look at not only monster creation, but also unique artificial intelligence.

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Also featuring a unique story and randomly generated levels the game’s creator, Phi Dinh, told Examiner on Monday he's enjoyed playing with several of the game’s features and often experiments to see how they affect the gameplay experience.

“The thing I enjoy about TinyKeep the most is finding out new and fun ways to wreak havoc on the dungeon's monsters,” Dinh, the Creator, Project Manager, Programmer and Founder of Phigames, as well as developer of “TinyKeep” told Examiner in an exclusive interview.

“I like to create games with many simple interlocking systems which when put together, can result in really surprising situations and stories. For example, in one playthrough I decided to release a fellow prisoner from a makeshift wooden cell, but instead of being eternally grateful, he attempts to attack me in his crazed delirium. The noise attracted some nearby prison guards, who come rushing into the room, accidentally setting off a number of deadly spike traps. The next few minutes were absolute mayhem and chaos.”

Does “TinyKeep” sound like an RPG you’d give a try? Shout off in the comments section below and tell us what you think.

“TinyKeep” will be available for PC at launch in September with the Mac and Linux platforms soon to follow.

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