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Tiny Tower named by Apple as 2011 iPhone Game of the Year

Yesterday, Tiny Tower won the 2011 iPhone Game of the Year award from Apple.
Copyright NimbleBit

Columbus iPhone owners looking to make their own virtual LeVeque Tower need to check out Tiny Tower, an economic simulation wrapped in a skyscraper. Yesterday, Apple named Tiny Tower as its iPhone Game of the Year for 2011.

Electronic Arts' Dead Space HD won the 2011 honor from Apple for the iPad. It's heartening to see Tiny Tower's small developer, NimbleBit, wrest away the title on the iPhone, considering gaming behemoth EA's iPad victory.

An economic model within a Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower's premise is simple and not too different from other real-time economic simulators, like Diner Dash. The gamer builds floor after floor in a tower; deciding to dedicate each floor to residential space or a variety of commercial options.

Tower residents, known as "Bitizens", populate the residential spaces and work on the commercial floors. Matching up the bitizens with their favorite job types is key to maximizing the revenue earned on each floor.

Both the Columbus Mobile Gaming Examiner and Mrs. Columbus Mobile Gaming Examiner are currently building their own towers. The game runs constantly, so it's quickly become a crack-like habit to check in on the towers, making sure each store is running efficiently.

Tiny Tower makes Freemium work

Tiny Tower is a free download at the App Store, and features a freemium gaming model, but in-app-purchases aren't required to play the game, they only speed up the process. This is much different than Gameloft, who ruined the Let's Golf series with a broken Freemium model that sometime requires ponying up cash to actually finish a round of golf.

Columbus iOS gaming fans looking for a fun, free game that can quickly become habit forming should download Tiny Tower, Apple's 2011 iPhone Game of the Year.

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