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Tiny puppy saved from death's door by independent animal rescuer

Tijuana, Mexico - A very young and tiny puppy suffering from mange and a myriad of other maladies was plucked from death's door yesterday afternoon by an independent animal rescuer.

Tiny stray puppy waits at Perla Ortegon's office to be picked up by Alondra Gomez with ARWOB.
Tiny stray puppy waits at Perla Ortegon's office to be picked up by Alondra Gomez with ARWOB.
Perla Ortegon
Tiny stray puppy saved by Adriana Padilla
Adriana Padilla

Adriana Padilla's love for animals is so genuine and runs so deeply that her work is never done. The problem of border strays is so big, but she never gives up.

While visiting the veterinarian with one of her pets, Padilla saw an elderly gentleman holding a very small, young and obviously sick puppy. Curiosity got the best of her and she asked him what was wrong with his puppy.

The man informed her that he found the lone puppy roaming along the dangerous streets of Tijuana. He said he was unable to keep her; but did not want to leave her on the street where - like countless others - she will inevitably endure prolonged suffering until eventually meeting the sweet boon of death. As such, he was at the vet to have the puppy euthanized. By the looks of the puppy (see slideshow), she has already been suffering - with mange and malnutrition being just a couple of her afflictions.

Those of us who live in developed countries cannot comprehend this type of behavior. In fact, some might even call it callous or evil. The reality is that what this man did was an act of compassion - which is not the norm in Tijuana where people are struggling to feed their own families. Indeed, many people who see suffering stray animals literally don't "see" them; see them but ignore them; or see them and beat or kill them. When animals live in that kind of environment, and with absolutely no other alternative available, the humane thing to do is to euthanize them.

The elderly fellow who believed he was doing the right thing dropped the puppy off with the vet and put some money on the counter. Instead of euthanizing the puppy, the vet kindly bathed and dewormed her and subsequently handed her over to Padilla.

With a house brimming at the rim with her own pets, Padilla is not in a position to take on another pet. However, being the ardent animal rescuer she is and fiercely dedicated to saving as many animals as she can, she reached out to her fellow animal rescue advocates.

Eventually, Alondra Gomez, founder of Animal Rescuers Without Borders ("ARWOB"), received the plea and agreed to rescue the puppy. Not only is Gomez an animal-lover, but she has a soft spot for "mange dogs." In addition, Gomez said that her rescue will take care of all of her medical expenses. Her generosity went further. She said that if anyone pledged or wishes to donate towards this girl, you can direct your funds to another rescue in need.

This generous offer is not in vain. There is another female stray dog who desperately needs a foster and donations. Her name is Diane and she, too, was plucked off the dangerous streets of Tijuana by none other than Padilla. (Diane is depicted in the attached video.)

Baja Dog Rescue has saved a multitude of unwanted and hard-to-place strays south of the U.S. border. Diane is one of them. Many animal rescue advocates have come to rely on Baja Dog Rescue - including this author - as it does stellar work in the world of animal rescue.

If you can offer a foster home for Diane, please email If you can donate towards Diane's boarding and vet care, please go to Baja Dog Rescue and click on "Donate" to make a tax deductible contribution. Make sure you notate that your donation is for "Diane." No amount is too small.

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