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Tiny Pepper has come through emergency surgery fix his eye but needs help

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Tiny Pepper has to be about the cutest thing that has ever been seen around here, but in one big way he's one of the saddest puppies because of a serious eye injury that required emergency surgery to even give him a chance at saving that eye.

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Fortunately Pepper hit the jackpot when he fell into the hands of a group of dedicated animal lovers in Oconee County, SC, who were determined to give Pepper the chance to see with both eyes.

These volunteers were in a local trailer park doing community outreach, working on a spay/neuter awareness program, when one of the residents chased them down and handed them a tiny puppy, so little that he easy fit in the palms of their hands.

The puppy was adorable - but one of his eyes was almost completely out of its socket. They immediately rushed the puppy to Seneca Animal Hospital, where the puppy was treated on the spot. The vet determined that the injury had not just occurred but that little Pepper had likely been in pain from this injury for several days. Their best guess is some sort of trauma caused this injury.

Pepper had immediate surgery, because delaying it would almost certainly have cost him that eye. Right now his eye is sutured closed but the sutures will gradually be removed and he should still have the vision in that eye.

The surgery cost nearly $400. Fortunately Seneca Animal Hospital has allowed Jeanne Johnson, one of the volunteers, a few days to raise the funds to cover the surgery. Donations - no amount is too small - are being urgently sought to pay for this surgery, If you can help, please call Seneca Animal Hospital at 864-882-8747 and let them know it is for Pepper's eye surgery.