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Tiny House Nation: Episode 4 recap

John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin build a tiny house.
John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin build a tiny house.
Zach Dilgard

Episode four of Tiny House Nation, details the journey of a young couple, Hydrect and Angela. They are looking for a home to call their own. The couple’s current living arrangements are in the basement of Angela’s parents. Travel often takes the couple away from home. An ideal solution is a tiny house on wheels. Hydrect and Angel had started on the build when they called in John and Zack of Tiny House Nation. Episode four shows the build of the 220 square foot home.

Building the tiny house

John and Zack, the show’s co-hosts, have their work cut out for them. Being the tiny house is on wheels, it cannot exceed 13.5 feet in height due to federal transportation laws. On the highway this height is not a problem, but through residential areas and streets with over head power lines, it could pose a problem.

Hydrect and Angela have very specific requirements for their new home. Both Hydrect and Angela want a full size kitchen. Hydrect requires a recording studio for work. Angela wants a full size tub and a quilting area. She is a nurse that treats critically ill patients. Quilting helps her relax and she makes quilts for her patients. The full size tub is something that she cannot live without. Soaking in a tub is her way of winding down.

This is a lot to fit into just 22 square feet. On top of that, the couple has spent most of their budget on building the shell of the tiny house. Zack Giffin, the co-host of Tiny House Nation, is a design wizard. He lives in a tiny home and understands how to customize furniture to make it multi-functional. For Hydrect and Angela—Zack had his work cut out for him.

Accommodating a full size tub meant that the entire bathroom was designed around a free-standing tub. The designers did a great job and gave the couple the bathroom of their dreams. The kitchen posed another challenge. Fitting a full-size kitchen into the tiny house and budget was a challenge. There was no other money to tap into, so the budget was set in stone. In order to keep the rest of the kitchen full-sized, the oven had to go. This left the house without an oven, but Hydrect and Angela could add a counter-top oven in later.

Another feature that had to go was a quilting studio. Hydrect’s recording studio was income producing—making it more of a necessity than a want. Angela still got her quilting area. A countertop that doubled as the kitchen table, pulled out further to allow for working on quilts. A sewing machine was tucked away in a custom cabinet.

The final product

To reflect her love of color, the house was painted a vibrant blue. Due to it’s size, Hydrect had to get a commercial driver’s license in order to legally tow the large trailer. Angela and Hydrect were thrilled with their new home. After they lived in it for a while, Zack and Josh returned to see how things were going. Aside from a few small changes—the couple loves their tiny house.

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