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Tiny house living

Living Light
Living Light

A movie entitled: Tiny: A Story About Living Small is becoming a virtual sensation. The movie shows the efforts of a man and woman team joining the tiny house movement. The purpose is about making the choice to downsize and live with less.

Watching the tiny house builder, Christopher, put the house together definitely holds the attention of the viewer. The need to jump in and cleanup or recycle the leftovers was tempting. There just seemed to be a lot of scraps consistently laying around. Assisting a renovator in younger years, that type of a mess was never tolerated; because every scrap was recycled in some way. Directors, Christopher and Merete, now have the movie available on DVD and iTunes. Find out more about the movie from their facebook page is

Amazingly, the tiny house movement is growing and the creativity behind this culture is captivating. In searching whether or not any area of Georgia might have a tiny home community or private owner site might exist led to One for Alabama was found, but none for our, supposedly "green progressing," state.

The beginning of research on this project has led to several interesting sites, such as, or The site has produced an article on the 7-steps to living tiny. Also, check out ; because, Vina’s Minimal Impact on the Earth, Small Cool Contest 2014, is receiving a lot of interest. It even gives tips on creating the right tiny home.

The research to find tiny house living in Georgia is an interesting journey so far: stay in touch for a sequel article.