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Tiny dog rescued from dumpster

Rescued from a dumpster in Washington
Rescued from a dumpster in Washington
Screen shot via NBC News

According to Thursday's NBC Right Now, someone discarded a three pound dog in a dumpster in Richland, Wash.

If not for the alert maintenance worker who made the discovery, the little dog, who is described as a Maltese, would have died when the bin was picked up by a garbage truck.

The maintenance worker reached out to the Tri-City Animal Control and an officer was able to crawl into the huge bin to retrieve the terrified dog.

Animal Control Director, Angela Zilar, told NBC News what the dog, named "Delilah," looked like after being retrieved:

she was just one big matted mess. She did have a microchip, so we tracked the owner information, and she had indicated that about a year ago she had moved out of town and rehomed her two maltese, this one and another one by the name of Stella, to two different gals, but she had the information of who they were.

It just so happens that the same person who had taken Delilah also worked at the location where the dog was dumped in the dumpster."

The person who works near the dumpster where Delilah was found tried to claim that she had rehomed the dog a month before, but her daughter let animal control know that it was not true. In fact, the dog saved from the trash bin had been seen at the woman's house just one day prior to being found in the dumpster.

Animal control and the local authorities are pursuing charges against the person who is believed to be responsible for the cruel abandonment.

There is a bright spot to this otherwise disturbing story...the person who adopted Delilah's sister, "Stella," has indicated that she wants to give this dog a home too.

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