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Tiny dog escapes home in Texas, found at Ohio shelter

Corbin must have had an incredible adventure in just a few days.
Megan Sams/AP

They say life is nothing if not an adventure, and that may be especially true for a dachshund mix named Corbin.

The Saiz family were astonished to receive a phone call from a southwestern Ohio shelter recently. "They called my wife and she told me that they found our dog, but she didn't sound happy about it," said Mike Saiz. "I asked if he was OK and she told me he was fine. I then asked where the shelter was and she said, 'Hamilton -- not Hamilton, Texas, but Hamilton, Ohio.'"

Just days earlier, Corbin dug out of his yard in Killeen, Texas an went missing. Within a few days, and one strange phone call later, they located their dog in Ohio.

Surveillance video shows a woman tying the dog outside the animal shelter and leaving him where he was found the following morning.

No one knows how he ended up nearly 30 miles north of Cincinnati.

Corbin is now back with his family thanks to the microchip they had implanted in their pet.

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