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'Tiny Brains' gets some new content

Spearhead Games released some brand new, and totally free, content for Tiny Brains yesterday. This new content, which is available for the Steam, PS3 and PS4 releases of the game, brought a few new features based on community feedback. This isn't surprising, as Spearhead has made it a point to listen to fans' thoughts and concerns, and is even basing their upcoming title around this philosophy.

The Tiny Brains are back!
Spearhead Games

The list of new features includes 10 new challenges, both time and puzzle based, in the “Road to Stardom” game mode. This includes the Infernal Carousel, Battle of Sphereburg and Matrix Ball. Road to Stardom also features a new star-based progression and scoring system. The user interface has also been tweaked to help players navigate through the game's menus. As far as gameplay goes, Minsc the hamster is now able to freeze objects with his ice blocks, and players making their way through the demo will be able to play with others online.

Those who haven't downloaded Tiny Brains will be happy to learn that Spearhead has reduced the game's price to $9.99 across all three platforms.

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