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Tintagels Gate: a medieval, magickal, and metaphysical shop in Athol MA

Inside Tintagels Gate
Inside Tintagels Gate
photo by Valerie Hadden

Step through the door of Tintagels Gate. A glass counter full of jewelry—bells, dragons, beaded necklaces by co-owner Diane DiPietro HPs—faces you. Pentacles and Celtic crosses adorn the wall. Besoms, glass Fairy/Witch Balls, and dreamcatchers hang from the ceiling. As this Examiner enters, co-owner Patrick DiPietro HP is advising a customer on the proper use of the amethyst he just purchased. “Be well. Call or come in if you need to,” Rev. Patrick DiPietro calls after him as he goes. The customer passes this Examiner on his way out, saying to his companion, “This is by far my favorite store in town.”

This medieval, magickal, and metaphysical shop carries a diverse range of fascinating items. Pagans can find bulk herbs, and magick wands. Renaissance fans can rent or purchase period garb. Crystal-lovers can find small stones, and bars of selenite bigger than this Examiner’s forearm. The store carries an array of swords, made of everything from foam to fully-functional carbon steel. There are more frivolous items, too: a bumpersticker reading “I Be A Pirate’s Wench,” and wizards’ pointed hats. Many of the items are crafted by local artists. “We have herbs; we have candles; we have everything. What do you need? We’ve got it!” says Rev. Patrick DiPietro.

The Revs. DiPietro give all comers the same caring help the amethyst-buying customer received. “That’s what we do here in our shop. In any faith, that’s what you should do, because that’s what it’s about,” says Rev. Patrick DiPietro.

Tintagels Gate is at 505 Main Street in Athol MA, and is open Thursday through Sunday. It is wheelchair accessible. The Revs. DiPietro offer Tarot, psychic, astral travel, past life, palmistry, and rune sessions; they also perform handfastings, marriage rites, house blessings, house cleansings, and Wiccanings. Occasionally the store will host a séance. See Tintagels-Gate on Facebook for more information, or call 978-830-4611.