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Tinglewood is a natural wonder: Amazing cedar tree carvings

In 1983 a storm hit the area of Montevallo that caused a lot of damage to the wooded area of Orr Park. Many of the trees in the park were cedar; and they were very old.

Amazing cedar tree carvings

Instead of having the damaged trees removed an artists named Tim Tingle designed a way to preserve the cedar trees and five the park another way to llok at nature’s wonders.

Tim Tingle saw a way to transform the old, dead cedat trees into works of art for all those who visit the park he knew would enjoy. From his artistic viepoint he felt those damaged trees had portential and began his creative process of wood carving them into fantasy characters.

For the past twenty-two years Tim Tingle has been transforming those old trees by carving them into creatures such as a gragon, unicorn, a wizard and many more delightful characters.

His project soon became know as Tinglewood and today there are over thirty of his carvings in the wooded area of the park for visitors to see. Walking through the park is like walking though a museum full of art.

Many of the carved trees exist betweent he living trees creating a wonderland of awe to all who pass through. It is also a fact that when Tim Tingle began creating Tinglewood he also carved the year within the tree when the bark was created into artwork. One has to look closely to find the year and while you’re looking for the date, step back and take in the intricate work he did to preserve the park’s old cedar trees.

Admission is free and is open during daylight hours only. Orr Park is located on Montevallo’s Park Road – Montevallo, Ala. It is approximately thirty-five miles south of Birmingham and includes picnic areas and a walking trail. Orr Park can also be reached from 154 Vine Street - Montevallo, AL 35115. For more information you can call the City of Montevallo at (205) 665 – 2555 or go online to City of Montevallo as well as Explore Southern History.

Take a stroll through the park and step into a real wonderland!

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