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Tinder isn't for everyone

Have you tried Tinder yet?
Have you tried Tinder yet?
Photo by Michael Buckner

The Olympians did it. Your co-workers are doing it. Even your little sister does it. Maybe it’s time you tried it?

“It” is the dating app Tinder, and apparently it is now “how people meet. It’s like real life, but better,” according to the app’s website.

That’s debatable.

Here’s how it works. Tinder sets up a brief profile based on your Facebook information, using five pictures from your profile picture library. You can decide which pictures you want, and then organize them in any order you’d like. Your Tinder profile displays your first name and age, your distance from prospective “matches” and how long ago you were active. Active on the app, that is, not sexually active, although that could be a useful piece of information to add to future updates! You can also add a short description, and based on what’s out there they range from self-promotional to sarcastic to kind of pathetic.

So, in a sense, the app does reflect real life in that you don’t often get more than a glance and possibly a few superficial tidbits about someone before making a decision as to whether you want to pursue a conversation, or more.

But is this truly reflective of real life in today’s single society? If you like someone’s headshot, or in some cases a shirtless selfie in a bathroom mirror, (yes, I’m talking to you, gentlemen) you swipe right. If you don’t have an immediate attraction to the headshot and you’re uninterested in learning more, you swipe left.

A swipe can mean the difference between giving someone a chance and rejecting him or her forever. There are no second chances on Tinder, unfortunately, so if you tend to be an indecisive individual, you may struggle with this app. Tinder demands that you choose “yes” or “no” immediately. Sounds like a lot of pressure, doesn’t it?

On the topic of pressure, this app is completely based on appearances, so if you aren’t photogenic, or you would say that “a great personality” is your best quality, you may be in for disappointment on Tinder.

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