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Tinder’ing your day away

Tinder Party Photo
Tinder Party Photo
Photo by Michael Buckner

Tinder. It’s probably something you downloaded a while ago with your single friends. Swipe left, swipe right, and then you suddenly have a match. It is a boost for your downtrodden self-esteem and maybe a lift in your dating life. Downloaded it never opened it or just opened it once? Hop on the bandwagon and start swiping. It leads you into a high speed-dating scene. Not interested in sharing everything about you online? Not sure you want to complete a full online dating profile? Tinder is your short cut to online dating. Connect to your Facebook and pick your top 5 photos then add a short tagline if you want, otherwise start playing. It feels like more of a game this way.
So what is tinder? It shows you people in your general vicinity and then you either say yes or no according to the standards you set yourself. If you say yes and they say yes, then you have match. Once you’re “matched” you can chat with this person. Most women wait for men to chat with them. Expect to only hear back from fifty percent of the time men. It’s not you, it’s just that women tend to use this to build up confidence and not to meet anyone or this is their first experience with online dating. Tinder was set up for hookups, one-night stands, or brief dating but many people also have met their significant other on Tinder as well. Don’t judge this until you have tried it yourself. Tinder is what you make it, so go into it with an open mind and take what you will from it. If nothing else, tinder could be a great story for you. Everyone needs one.