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Tina Turner stroke rumors resurface? Health hoax targets legendary singer

Tina Turner targeted again with health hoax
Photo by Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images

Tina Turner appears to be alive, well and without any problems. Well, she has one little problem as the artist has been plagued with rumors that she had a stroke and has been recovering. Previously the rumors were debunked, but somebody has started the rumors again and this time it appears it was fake information shared by newspapers in Europe. According to Inquisitr on Monday, the artist has once again denied there have been any health concerns.

The rumors about Tina Turner’s stroke issues have been swirling for months. At one point, Oprah Winfrey even came out to debunk the rumors as the false information didn't seem to stop. The rumors were stopped for a while, but now Turner’s health issues have returned to the mainstream media. Her spokesperson has again stepped up to deny any health concerns with the star in particular there has been no stroke.

It’s interesting that the original newspaper who started the rumors months ago has taken down the details surrounded the alleged stroke. However, that hasn't stopped people from breathing life into the story and continuing what looks to be false information. It appears Tina Turner is facing a hoax where social media runs out of control alarming everyone that the legendary singer is not well. Celebrities have been victims of Twitter hoaxes before and rumors go faster than the speed of sound with nobody willing to check the facts.

The conflicting reports that Tina Turner had a stroke and then the debunking of the rumors of her being fine has fans wondering what is really going on. Everyone hopes she offers up a picture of herself enjoying her life and visually rebukes any idea of illness. Music lovers who love Tina Turner (like us) wish the 74-year-old, who resides in Switzerland, the best in her life. She has blessed the fans with some amazing music (who else has “What’s Love Got To Do With It” on repeat over the long Memorial Day weekend) and deserves to live without all the rumors swirling.

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