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Tina Fey late night women: New theory of why no women are on late night TV

Tina Fey
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Tina Fey has her own new theory about why there are no women on late night television at all. On Thursday, Salon shared what she had to say. She thinks that it all has to do with the clothes. Obviously she was being comical but it is an interesting way to think about it.

She spoke out while talking to Seth Meyers. Tina said, "I realized, a lot of times these hosts they get their job when they’re 35 or 40, and they keep them till they’re 65. So I was like, ‘If you’re a lady, what do you wear?’ Right? Cause if you go in with a cocktail dress, and then you’re 45, you’re 50, then there’s gonna come a day when you’re like, ‘I don’t got it! Bring me the jacket!" It does kind of make sense.

Tina shared that she thinks that Ellen DeGeneres will be the first to break though. Her reason was because she already wears jackets. Of course Ellen is doing so great on her talk show that it would not be surprising if she ends up on late night at some point.

Most people blame the fact that no women are on late night shows on the glass ceiling. The fact that men have always done it and women don't get the jobs they deserve due to their sex. It is unknown if that has anything to do with it but that idea might just make more sense than the one that Tina Fey came up with on her own.

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