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Tina Fey Could Resurrect Her Sarah Palin Impersonation

If she was any other candidate, Sarah Palin's tenure as a Saturday Night Live character probably wouldn't have outlived her candidacy for vice president. After all, it's not like SNL did a lot of sketches based around, say, Lloyd Bensten in 1990.

 But Palin remained a popular political/media figure even after the election, just as Tina Fey's impersonation of her during the election was extremely popular.

 And now Fey, who's returning to host SNL sometime in April, says she will probably bring her Palin impression with her.

 "It's inevitable that we'll try at least," Fey said in an interview with the Associated Press. Fey, a native of Upper Darby, was an SNL cast member for several years, as well as the show's first female head writer, before leaving to create her NBC sitcom 30 Rock.

 In quasi-related news,  the New York Post carried an item today involving a recent 30 Rock plot-line involving Jack Donaghy's relationship with a CNBC host, played by Elizabeth Banks. According to the Post, the CNBC character was based on real-life CNBC anchor Melissa Francis, who had apparently pitched the idea, with the hope of actually playing the character herself.