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Tina Fey, Amy Poehler kicks off Golden Globe Awards in name dropping fun (video)

The 71st annual Golden Globe Awards was kicked off with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler name dropping like crazy. The two actresses were the hosts for the award show and they tried to mention almost every important star in the building. Of course the hosts forgot a few stars, but in the process everyone got to laugh.

From Kerry Washington to Matt Damon; from Tom Hanks to Jennifer Lawrence, the stars were showcased as the major motion pictures and television programs where highlighted. Offering a few cheap laughs and giving the viewers a personal look at some of the stars there is no doubt the fans loved the moment.

A couple of the highlights the fans won’t forget? Suggesting that Matt Damon was equal to the guy taking out the trash as there were so many famous people in the building. And when Julia Louis-Dreyfus was smoking an e-cigarette and pretending not to know the ladies on stage.

Take a look at the beginning of the Golden Globe Awards. The funny moment broke the ice as the stars poked fun at all the big named stars in the room. And with all the liquor flowing there isn't any doubt the moment was taken in jest.

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