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Tin Roof BBQ is great for lunch or dinner

Tin Roof Barbecue
Tin Roof Barbecue

Owned by a retired Houston Police Officer and his wife, Tin Roof BBQ in Atascocita, is a great place to spend a lunch break or to treat the entire family for dinner. When the weather is nice, the deck is a great place to sit and smell the smoke from grills.

Run in a house built in 1927, complete with tin roof, the barbecue is accompanied by great Texas charm, making adults and children alike feel like they are home. Ron Webber arrives at the restaurant around 4:00am every morning to get all of his grills going. His wife Nancy makes all of the sides and desserts to pair with the various meat dishes.

The menu includes old barbecue favorites, accompanied by creative names. The Lone Star is a one meat, two-side combo, and the Wild Cat is a chopped beef sandwich. Something few have ever ventured to try is the Badwich, a sandwich that offers a little bit of everything between two pieces of bread. All the menu items are excellent and none of them will steer you wrong, but a house favorite, averaging in at over five pounds, is the stuffed spud. Happy eating.

For more info: Tin Roof BBQ, 18918 Town Center Blvd.