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Tin foil hat representative strays from party platform without consequence

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Some Missouri Republicans seem to be working against their own party platform to support Common Core State Standards in the state legislature, and at least one representative is blatantly mocking conservative constituents who oppose CCSS.

Representative, Mike Lair of district 7, chairs the Joint Committee on Education and the Appropriations-Education Committee. He also sits on the Interim Committee on Education. On Wednesday, he introduced an amendment to appropriate $8 for the purchase of two rolls of high-density aluminum for the purposes of making tin foil hats. In Lair’s opinion, opponents of CCSS are conspiracy theorists, as he purports on his own facebook page, reported by The Missouri Torch.

“I have sat through, at least, six hours of presentation by “educational experts” that claim all sorts of conspiracy theories related to Common Core. Most of the research that I saw was amateurish (found only on the internet), and lacking in logic and had no relationship with real classrooms or in some cases the real world.”

The Columbia Tribune reported, while Lair’s amendments were approved, another representative, working to fight CCSS, was thwarted in introducing amendments, which would stop CCSS.

Republican Bryan Spencer of district 63, in Wentzville, tried to introduce amendment language banning the use of federal funds targeted to implement CCSS, but his efforts were defeated.

In 2012, the Missouri Republican Party added anti Common Core language to the Party Platform.

Resolution 2

WE RESOLVE: As Republicans, we reject Jimmy Carter's U.S. Department of Education and vow to eliminate the department. Also, we reject President Obama's Race to the Top and Common Core Curriculum to establish a national curriculum.

House Republican leadership has remained unresponsive on the division between its members, on this issue. When asked how, or if, leadership planned to address Lair's deviation from the party platform, Speaker of the House, Tim Jones, failed respond to inquiries regarding the tin foil hat issue. However, his Chief of Staff, Tom Smith, had this to say:

“The Speaker is very disappointed in the actions of Rep Mike Lair. Unfortunately, each member has their own voice, and their own opinions and they are accountable to their constituents.

We can only hope that the great people of the 7th district understand that he is not representing their values in Jefferson City.”



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