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Timing IS everything!

How would you like to have perfect timing with everything in your life? Imagine how much easier life would be if you could choose the right time to interview for a new job or date that new person you’ve been secretly admiring? By synching up with the moon’s transit cycles, you can improve your chances for success, timing, and positive outcomes.

Timing IS everything!

The transit periods are detailed in the Void of Course Moon calendars. According to renowned astrologer Al H. Morrison, "Human judgment is more fallible than usual during the time the Moon is Void of Course.” By paying attention to these void ranges, you can improve decision-making, creativity, new business ventures, and travel, just to name a few.During the void, you are well-advised to abstain from anything new (first dates, new jobs, etc.) and avoid traveling, particularly if you have not been to the destination before. Delays and difficulties are probable during a void of course moon. Rather than start something new, self-improvement activities such as meditation, yoga, sleep, and prayer are recommended.

Simply add the time frames to your 2014 calendar and refer to them when you are about to schedule an important meeting, vacation, doctor’s appointment, or social event. If you are forced to meet during a void, you’ll notice that transportation problems may arise, rescheduling may occur, and / or events will not go as well as expected. Heed the moon voids and enjoy the smooth ride!

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