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Timi & Leslie Baby Bags

Every fashionista knows you can’t have enough shoes and purses. That is until you have a baby and everything changes. Your 4 inch heels seem to go towards the back of the closet for those comfy flats and your purses! Well, that’s another story.

Timi & Leslie
Timi & Leslie

If you’ve tried to take a large baby bag and your regular large sachet you realize like everything else baby comes first and mommy is last. So what’s a woman to do. Thank goodness there is a line out there that makes being a practical organized parent and a fashionable person can actually be the same.

So goodbye to bright plastic primary colors. We got a chance to review the Timi & Leslie line and we were so pleasantly surprised and how beautifully made the bags were and yet still worked with our wardrobe.

We reviewed two popular styles in their Covertible Collection.

First up was the Hannah in a beautiful Pewter color. First off we love that the color really goes well with whatever you are wearing. The faux leather and hardware as extremely durable and have put up with a lot of wear and tear but you wouldn’t know it. It comes with two outside pockets on either end which are great for things you need to get to quickly. You can carry it 3 ways. 1) with the shorter straps, 2) a detachable shoulder/cross body leather strap, or stroller straps! The lining is water resistant and lightly colored so it’s easy to see inside the 6 interior organization pockets.

Something unique to Timi & Leslie are all the accessories that come with. The zippered sac for soiled clothes, a changing pad with a mesh pocket perfect for wipes, insulated bottle tote which we always have attached onto the seat to help keep a bottle warm or cold, but the number one thing we love is the CLUTCH! It’s a perfect size to fit in your essentials like a wallet, lipstick and phone. So what about your keys? There’s a special key ring inside the bag because we’ve all been there digging for those keys while a baby is crying and it’s like a black hole.

The only negative we could come up with this style is that is doesn’t open very wide. But it’s never been a huge issue to not purchase.

If you do want something that opens wide we suggest the Marie Antoniette. We love how wide it opens up. It comes with all the same bells and whistles but is only 1.35 lbs or 2.25 with accessories. Some other brands purses weight a few pounds to start and once you add in liquids and every possible thing you could need for a baby you’re going to need to stop by the chiropractor on your way home.

We love the quilted nylon look and feel. The only thing we could say negative about this is the cross body strap is made of nylon and doesn’t feel as strong. We wish it was a little wider. Especially as you do fill up the bag the last thing you want is it to break. It never did even after it weighed a good 15 pounds.

Overall, we were thrilled with these designer looking brands baby purses and are pretty for the mom who has to put away her Louis Vuitton and Gucci bags away for awhile.

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