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Timex collaborates with AT&T and Qualcomm on smartwatch

AT&T, Qualcomm and Timex are coming with a smartwatch
AT&T, Qualcomm and Timex are coming with a smartwatch
Photo Courtesy of AT&T

It's official, we are living in the age of the smartwatch.

With the help of AT&T, Timex, a brand familiar to everyone when it comes to watches, is looking to set the standard when it comes to smartwatches.

The new, Times Ironman One GPS+ is a mouthful to say and a lot to write, but it promises wireless service without relying on a phone.

The Timex Ironman One GPS could be for everyone from the fitness fanatic to someone that doesn't want to be always gripping their smartphone.

Per Timex, here are some of the many features:

Stand-alone wireless connectivity without a phone
Email-based messaging capabilities
Tracking capabilities that communicate the user’s location to friends and family anytime, anywhere
Custom-built “Find Me Mode” safety solution, which allows users to send an alert with exact location in case of an emergency
Ability to track speed, distance and pace in real-time and instantaneously share performance metrics through your favorite social media and online fitness platforms
Water resistance up to 50 meters, an essential feature for water exposure, training in the rain or swimming
Built-in MP3 component with 4 GB of memory to play music via a Bluetooth headset
Always-on, sunlight-readable, high-resolution touch display
One year of data connectivity by AT&T included for U.S. and Canadian subscribers

AT&T and Qualcomm have joined forces before. Other products have been used to provide mobility, connectivity and show technologies as they evolve into the future.

“The introduction of the Timex Ironman One GPS+ smartwatch represents an exciting opportunity for Timex in the smartwatch category, as we build upon the rich, authentic tradition of the Timex brand, as well as our 160 year heritage,” said Anette S. Olsen, Chairman of Timex Group. “For nearly three decades, Timex Ironmen has provided athletes with innovative solutions to enhance their training experiences. Our collaboration with industry stalwarts Qualcomm and AT&T has enabled us to introduce the first smartwatch that offers stand-alone wireless connectivity without a phone and has great appeal to a broad range of fitness enthusiasts as well as tech-savvy individuals and those who simply wish to make a statement.”

At first sight, it appears to be a product you want to try.

I can't wait.

If you can't wait either, The Timex Ironman One GPS+ will be ready for purchase this fall at,, AT&T stores, sports and electronic stores. Pre-order now at for $399.95.

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