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Timeshia Brown newspaper ad: Wife exposes her hubby's infidelity in local paper
This advertisement appeared in a Texas newspaper from a wife, congratulating her husband on getting another woman pregnant.

Timeshia Brown’s newspaper ad is a payback for the ages. The scorned Texas wife took out a very noticeable ad in their local paper, congratulating her husband on the news that he is expecting a baby – with another woman.

According to the Huffington Post on Tuesday, the cheating husband, Patrick Brown, and his pregnant mistress, Shara Cormier, could be from an area in Sabine County, Texas, though there is no indication as to what paper this was posted in, or if it was just recently done.

Nevertheless, Timeshia’s approach is a novel one. No throwing of her hubby’s clothes on the front lawn, no cutting holes in all of his dress shirts, no destroying his favorite sports cards – Just a humiliating ad for all to see.

The wounding mortification reads:

I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown. They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out. Always, Patrick’s wife, Timeshia Brown.

The Daily Mail did some backtracing on the story:

“Relatives and work colleagues of a Shara Cormier who lives in Sabine County Texas declined to comment on the advertisement. The Facebook page of Cormier reveals she is friends with a Patrick Brown who lives in the same town, but unfortunately there is no trace of the wronged woman, Timeshia.”

It looks like this story was so shameful, that all parties simply disappeared.

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