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Timeshare Crooks ‘Namedrop’ Wyndham Resorts for Credibility

U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman recently made an announcement that put a smile on the face of anyone who has ever been swindled by a timeshare telemarketer. Last month, a man by the name of Eric Reilly was sentenced to three years for performing with a fraudulent company called Vacation Ownership Group LLC. The 34-year-old admitted to contributing to over $70,000 in losses from timeshare owners in the few years that he worked with them, and the judge who sentenced him (U.S. District Judge Noel Hillman) also ordered him to pay about $3 million in restitution!

Another problem these criminals create is that fact that they namedrop and hurt the reputations of highly acclaimed resorts. For example, Wyndam Resorts has had a great track record for having some of the nicest resort properties in the country. It’s a shame that these crooks try to mess up this company’s good status in order to try and make vacation property owners pay them large amounts of cash with the hopes of finally selling their timeshare, entirely based on lies.

The core problem is the resale market woes, where most timeshares won’t even sell for $1 on Ebay because vacationers who are looking for them find it cheaper to simply visit places using Expedia or Travelosity. That way they don’t have to pay any initial (or annual) fees. I mean, think about it. Why would they go all out and buy an entire property if they can get what they want for about the cost of the annual maintenance fee by instead choosing to rent out a timeshare? It’s just a smarter choice financially for most folks to book their vacations this way. And there is no sacrifice, as you can book the big resorts like Marriott, Wyndham, Westgate, Sheraton and Hilton's of the world.

That being said, thieves like Reilly know how bad timeshare owners desperately cannot sell, so they try to sound like they are directly associated with these big named and well-respected resorts such as Wyndam Vacation Resorts (the link to the FBI’s press release is:

The FBI is doing all it can to stop timeshare fraud, but hundreds of people still continuously fall for the promises that these aftermarket sharks make, which is mainly just these criminals reading to you from a paper script over the phone with a set of rebuttals to anything that you could say refusing their ‘service’. Just because you hear them blurt out a resort’s name in their pitch when they call you (like Wyndam, Marriott, or Westgate for example) doesn’t mean that they are associated with them AT ALL! They just think that with that extra added ‘credibility’ that you will automatically feel secure in doing business with them.
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Settlements through cooperative agreements can be the safest and most certain solution for consumers. For legal timeshare divestment, there are Consumer Protection Attorneys like those at The Abrams Firm to help you in your journey to get out of the “timeshare trap”. Often less money than non-Lawyer services and the most important part is NO upfront fees the services of a licensed attorney can be used to cancel a timeshare contract permanently. Have your family Lawyer call (360) 918-8196, or you can set up a complimentary case evaluation with a Consumer Lawyer at

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