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Times Change and so do iKen Watches!

courtesy of iken

Watches are the best piece of hardware you can wear. Aside from being the most practical piece of jewelry to tell time, they’re also the most diverse in how they can be designed with shapes, colors, mechanics and functionality. They’re also a hot item to own since wrist watches have made a significant 12.3% climb over last year’s sales in the overall jewelry market. The most popular trend emerging from fashion today is anything with sporty quality. Durable mechanical pieces with simple or more various colors and patterns are the way wearable items seem to be going these days. The fashion statement: fun and energetic. That’s actually a good thing because you wouldn’t have to search for high-end gold or silver wrist watches when the choices for sporty looking watches are endless at an affordable cost. Now, imagine owning the only watch of its kind – no other one like it, you made it, you named it. The concept sounds pretty cool right? Well, iKen is the brand that has been gaining considerable recognition as the only line of watches that offers such a cool concept. So, if you’re a watch collector, you’ll really appreciate how iKen has brought fun owning a watch to a whole new level.

iKen is one of the coolest concepts ever seen. They manufacture the most interchangeable watch in America with more than 248,000 ways to customize it to your liking. iKen allows customers to get creative with their simulator provided on their website to assemble the watch of their dreams. It’s really a fun way to tinker with different colors and accessories until you get what you want. Once you’ve perfected your own iKen watch, you have the option of naming it as well. You could construct a watch to match your school colors, your cloths, your nation’s flag, your favorite sports team, and superhero. With enough accessories, you can change your watch’s colors as a new holiday approaches (orange & black for Halloween), for cause that you support (pink for breast cancer) or make a watch aligned with rhinestones for your girlfriend and name it after her – the possibilities are literally endless.

iKen was a hit at a recent 2014 MTV Movie Awards event as celebrities were drawn to sporting something of their own creation. iKen is the perfect ever changing watch in an ever changing fashion capital like Hollywood where it pays to be unique. Notable celebrities that have taken a shine to iKen’s cool novelty have been the likes of NBC Community’s Charley Koontz who brought a watch of his own design to a red carpet event as way of showcasing his fun sense of fashion, while NFL player Bret Lockett was sporting a watch comprised of his team colors. In just a short time, iKen has been sold in over 300 stores across the United States and has been a trending item in Australia and Canada too.

People have caught to what a potential gifting idea an iKen watch can be. “It was the perfect Mother’s Day Gift.” shared a young southern California college student with joy. “I don’t get to see her (his mom) much at all, so I customized a watch with colors that were symbolic to her personality, and I named it after her. She wore it the very weekend she got it.” From a local Los Angeles high school athlete’s perspective, iKen is definitely an ideal watch for sports enthusiasts. “I do about two hours of weight lifting and then I finish up with some laps in the pool. The material is actually pretty tough, water resistant, and it has a sporty look to it that I like. I made mine to match my school colors.”

Paru Radia is the brainchild behind this new fashion trend who put just as much thought into the name as she did the watches. As an entrepreneur, Paru had done some traveling, and interestingly enough the name came from the inspiration of Japanese culture. “When it came to choosing the name, I wanted something short and simple. Something that meant something and could be explanded to tell the story. I looked to translate some words that meant something to me, into Japanese: integrity, choice, authenticity, honesty, fun, opinion, expression, freedom. The word that spoke out to me was “IKEN”, pronounced \’eee-ken\ it means ‘opinion/options’. The iKen brand is all about having options and opinions and expressing them through what you wear. It’s about being an individual. Being who you want to be. Being you.” Paru aims to put as strong emphasis on the importance of “being you” by donating $1 for every watch face sold to The Farley Project ( in Los Angeles, California that will combat bullying. In addition, iKen also partnered with Beauty With a Pure Purpose to support women affected by cancer and alopecia (

The idea of making your own watches and being able to name it in the way that iKen has done it has never really come about before. It’s ideal for anyone looking for a clever gift to give to someone special, and it’s a fun way for young people interested in becoming jewelry makers one day to get in touch with their creative side and have loads of fun. For anyone who’s ever tried this concept knows that it can be a fun, addictive hobby. There are about as many reasons for getting a watch as there are ways for making them. It’s also very exciting to know that iKen’s watches are just the beginning as they are in the works of allowing consumers to customize their own sunglasses as well. It’ll be interesting to see what other changeable items they’ll produce. If you’re looking to get playful with your individuality, and are interested how you can own your own specialized pair of sun shades, take a browse at iKen’s homepage (

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