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Timer switches for lighting


Time Switch

Intermatic EJ500 is an indoor wall switch timer which allows for programming lights to come on and go off automatically. It is especially great for front and back porch lighting. It allows setting of individual days of the week to give your home that “lived in” look at all times. When you travel or have evening events the lights will come on or go off as set.  During daylight savings time and winter it provides safety lighting for coming home and leaving while dark.

The brochure enclosed in the package covers exactly how to replace an existing wall switch with the timer switch. The switch also features a battery backup which will keep the time for up to three months of power disruption. However, the built-in memory keeps the daily settings so they do not need to be reset after a power failure.

A few minutes spent going over the programming instructions will save time as you begin to program the unit. Insert the batteries and program the switch first because this is easier done before the switch is set in the wall.

Inside timer unit

To access the programming panel pull down on the latch just below the LCD clock panel.  There are detailed instructions with graphics on how to set the calendar as well as the days off/on time.  Be patient this takes a while.

These timers as well as others are available at the local home improvement store.

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