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Timer star Emma Caulfield and her Contropussy

Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield
Emma Caulfield

Actress Emma Caulfield, from the new movie Timer has a secret gem. One would think it relates to her new movie, or perhaps something carried over from her role as Anya from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

Well no, her just budding gem is called Contropussy. I must admit, being a cat lover and human, curiosity got the better of me.

The comic starts off well. The name of the cat and knowing she has an alternate identity. To her owner, she's known as Sonnet. Everyone else, she's Contropussy.

The story takes place in Hollywood - a dirty, yet colorful, city. If you've been to Hollywood, you also know it has a dirty, yet colorful, language that this story has cleverly adapted.

A few clicks into the storyline and hilarity followed. Whether in comics, or real life, seeing a cat being walked in a color & leash is incredibly funny. Plus the addition of an evil rabbit trafficking animals is just too funny. Let's stamp Contropussy with a mature readers sign and I'm sure everyone will enjoy a great read every week!

Contropussy is a Webcomic that updates every Monday & Friday, and can be seen at