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Time Zones for 2014 Winter Olympics: Watch NBC Live Stream, TV

On Sunday many events will grab the attention of fans as the 2014 Sochi Olympics proceeds into some of the favorite games of the international event. According to the Bleacher Report on Saturday; Olympic Snowboard, Luge, Women's Hockey and Figure Skating are just a few of the choices for viewers on Sunday. Figure skating is very popular and with Russia in the lead, viewers will be watching closely to see what happens.

Time zones that have half the world sleeping while the Olympic athletes compete is providing a little bit of challenge for fans of the Winter Olympics. With Americans residing in zones that have a difference of nine to 12 hours, it would be easy to listen to spoilers of the event before it even airs. According to NBC on Saturday, many fans are watching via live stream adding a bit of confusion to the enjoyment of this favorite international sports event.

According to World Clock Sochi, Russia is in the Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC time zone. The site informs viewers worldwide what time it is in Sochi, Russia. The site also gives upcoming events in the viewers local time. Alternatively fans can figure out the time difference with a converter that gives all the current information needed.

Sochi has become a household word, so it should be easy enough to find the information for the timing of Winter Olympic events. The Olympic events are capturing the eyes of the world and now fans can watch it in real-time with live stream and then again when NBC airs the events during their scheduled time slots.

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