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Time to visit the old west area of Arizona

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The old west was a classic gun-slinging era in America's history. In every town you rode past, you would find cowboys shooting off their guns and walking into saloons. Most of the time you would encounter outlaws from wanted posters or cowboys getting too rowdy with the women. Now the time has come for you to relive this era with Six Guns. In this game, you play as a cowboy from the old west, and you complete various missions across towns and other areas in Arizona. Along the way, you gain coins that could be used to purchase weapons, health, and ammo. You could purchase a variety of horses to ride with, as well as clothes for your character. The tutorial is done very well; during the first few minutes of the game, you learn how to move your character and use the camera to control your view. After you learn this, you then learn how to fight your enemies with punch attacks, followed by gun shooting. Once you finish the tutorial, you could dive right into the game and start doing some missions. The variety of missions are really interesting; in one mission you are rescuing a woman from cowboys, and in another mission you are clearing a town from outlaws. Six Guns is a really fun western game, and the fun part about the game is doing all the missions and riding all the horses around the areas. I also like how you can press the q key to go right to the mission.

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