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Time to sweep the roof coming up

Time to sweep

With fall on the way it is time to think about sweeping the pine straw and leaves off the roof.  Columbia has many beautiful trees that create a lot of leaves and pine straw .

The work they cause is worth it for the good they do us year round.

It may seem too early but if you are going to hire it out go ahead and call someone now. They may  be booked up later on and this not a job you want to put off. They will help you schedule a day when the leaves will have stopped falling. Don't sweep it too soon or you will be doing it twice.

If you have a home with a steep roof it is best if you hire a professional. You won't have much on your roof but the gutters and valleys will need cleaning. Trying to work on a roof like this can be quite dangerous.

Don't be afraid to ask your neighbors for advice. The people around Columbia and Lexington are the friendliest and most helpful people you will ever meet. They will be pleased to meet you and a lot of them will offer to help. They can also give you the name of the person they use if they hire their roof sweeping out to a professional.

Leaves and pine straw can stain your shingles and if left too long can cause rain water to back up and leak around your shingles and flashing. I have seen them turn to dirt and actually have trees sprouting out of them.

Some of you probably have it down pat but for others this may be the first time. This is a job a lot of homeowners do themselves and with a good ladder it can be done safely.

If you use a blower make sure you don't blow on the shingles from the bottom forcing them up. Look for backed out nails or any other possible problems while you are up on the roof.

Don't forget to clean out the gutters also. Check the drip edge and make sure water is running straight into the gutters and not down the fascia.    

There are also some vacuum type tools that can be used from the ground to safely clean your gutters. You can even use the contents for mulch when you empty them. Check search engines for gutter cleaning tools.

If you have a fire place make sure no one has built a nest around the cap. Look for cracks in the sealer around the chimney. This can be easily redone on a good day while it is still dry. This is the kind of leak you most likely will not notice until it has done a lot of damage.

You can place the pine straw you sweep off around some of your plants but check with your garden center as to when and how to do this.

Your roof and home will look better and you will be set for the winter.


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