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Time to spring forward


It doesn't flatter. Toss it!!!

 Now is the time to spring into fashion plans for the season. This spring/summer season can be your most fashionable ever with a little preparation. First, take stock of what you own.

Second, try on everything. Then toss everything that does not flatter; including your favorite outfit from last year. Be prepared to let go. Last year’s favorite may not be flattering on you this year. Remember that an outfit includes shoes, handbags, and other accessory items. The objective here is to assess your outfits, not to take inventory of the clothing that you own. Toss costume jewelry that is chipped, faded, or missing pieces. Do not concern yourself with saving smaller sizes for later (when you lose weight). Look forward to having a new outfit to complement any changes in your figure.

Third, do not get swept away with current styles. Your wardrobe must be about what looks good on you; not on the most popular fad of the season. Be confident and do not be afraid to experiment. Chose clothing to create specific outfits that makes you feel sexy and beautiful. If you are color-blind or if coordinating a wardrobe is just not your thing; enlist the help of someone whose fashion-sense you admire and who you trust to give you honest feedback and support.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. You can be cute and comfortable. Take a long look in the mirror after getting dressed and take pride in what you see. Start your day or evening with a compliment from yourself and smile at that lovely lady in the mirror. After all, you are living on the plus side of life.