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Time to sign off


   Here be liberty:  acoustic fretless guitar, mostly intentional.

Part of staying sane and happy is knowing when to pull up stakes and move on.  In my case, I have been trying to hang on for a little while now, stubbornly, but I am just not able to put into this column what I have wanted, and so this 210th article will be my last.

I thought about trying to restructure my efforts and do simple, local reporting--really, something closer to what Examiner's core intentions probably are.  I suspect that if I did that, and spent as much or more time promoting articles as writing them, it might have a chance at economic viability.

That background giggling you hear, at that thought, is from those who know me.  That style--certainly the marketing aspect--is just not me.  Never has been, probably never will be, and I'd hate to look back on the column and see an obvious "jump the shark" moment.  I think the corpus is pretty worthwhile as it stands, and it seems more respectful to let it go in such a state.  (That, and the thought of actually restraining comment on anything that moves me enough to write about it in the first place--in the interest of conserving time and effort--is just pretty funny.  I'm not sure I could do it if I tried.

To Examiner:  thank you for the opportunity.  I learned a great deal from it, and value that.  I did find the semantic censorship and some of the gamesman-ish incentive concepts to be a bit juvenile, but those are trivial enough annoyances, and the nice thing about our voluntary arrangement is that opting out does bring relief--probably on both sides.  Choice is a marvelous thing!  Best of luck going forward;  among the ranks of Examiners are some real gems that I will continue to point people to.

To my meager readership:  thank you for sticking with it.  Hopefully if nothing else you got a couple of good lines on further reading! 

To Randall Munroe and Oleg Volk, who graciously permitted me to use their images for the vast majority of my articles here:  my deepest thanks.

Going forward, I'm sure I'll occasionally have to vent something or other, and when this happens I'll probably use the Rifleman Savant vehicle...but hopefully things will pan out such that I'm much more prolific at Craftygrass.  One of the things I'll be doing with the recovered time and energy is putting more effort into musicking--which is a thought that any liberty lover can probably appreciate.  Music is arguably man's most noble activity, and politics is surely the basest.

So, for a final random moment of anarchy here:  if any of you find yourself in Homer--or, hell, anywhere from Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley on south through the Kenai--and are intrigued at the idea of an anarchist's approach to making music, do please look me up.  (At least the mandolin students seem pretty happy so far.  :-)

Faced with the insanity of life on the road, he chose life.

- Robert Fripp, on percussionist Jamie Muir's departure from King Crimson

I'm no Jamie Muir, but I do get that.


  • MamaLiberty 5 years ago

    Kevin, I'll certainly miss your column here, but I understand completely. Some things were just never meant to be.

    Email incoming. :)

  • Kent McManigal- 5 years ago

    Happy trails and keep in touch!

  • Dan Bidstrup 5 years ago

    I have enjoyed your articles and your comments to my own. Please stay in touch!

  • AlanR - 5 years ago

    Your voice of reason will be missed here.

  • rk 5 years ago

    Aw, man! You and Kent are my favorite libertarian Examiners! Be well. Kent, this means you're not ALLOWED to quit!

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