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Time to shop for plants in Anchorage!

Daylilies in summer splendor
Daylilies in summer splendor
Di Braun

The growing season is winding down here in Anchorage and a sure sign of that is the local retail nurseries cutting their prices to clear out remaining stock before the autumn frosts hit. Bell's Nursery and Alaska Garden & Pet Supply are two of the better known retail outlets for perennials and annuals in the local market and both of these icons have cut their plant prices from 20-50% of original retail to clearance their inventory.

This annual phenomenon is eagerly anticipated by local gardeners and it can means substantial savings for the pocket book! With 1 gallon perennials bringing upwards of $20 for select varieties due to the costs of freight up to Anchorage from growers in both Canada and the lower 48, it can be inhibitive to say the least, for local gardeners to shop for plant material to fill out their beds.

When the big-name nurseries finally hit the July peak of season, suddenly everything goes on sale and gardeners have a field day in the ensuing month or so. The big-box stores have begun "copy-catting" the retailers, so you can also find some great deals at Lowe's, and the "Epic Fail" of customer service-Home Depot, as well.

At any rate, gardeners win this time of year in Anchorage. Take time to browse the depleting stock and find a prize for your garden at the perfect time of year to plant. Research shows that plants generate about 80% of their annual root-growth in autumn, so it's a great time of year to install new plants and assure they establish before winter and thrive next spring!