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Time to refresh your job resume for 2014 Part 2

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Now is the time to consider everything written in Part 1 but also consider the situation of the current economy. According to Reuters, the CBO brought into focus “President Barack Obama's healthcare law will reduce American workforce participation by the equivalent of 2 million full-time jobs in 2017.” That factoid is quite disturbing and frightening but very mind opening as to what is about to take place in the coming years with employment.

Even though the statement as well as the article may give discomfort it should also provide someone with goals on what needs to be done now to obtain a position in the workforce. How the above can be achieved is to ensure your job searching kit is up-to-date with the best tools a job seeker needs. Answer the below questions step by step and determine what you as a job seeker now currently have, does it need to be replaced and if so what will it be replaced with.

Step 1 – Review job seeking search engines; are they still as beneficial or do they need updating

Step 2 – Review professional networking account then update to build interest from others as it can bring interest from business owners for jobs and new professional contacts. Job seekers must always make note that networking with others plays a large factor when obtaining a chance at getting that job interview.

Even though job seekers may have gotten frustrated from what CBO news stated, by updating what they use for a job seeker's tool kit will be helpful to achieve the end goal of employment. Employment does takes time but in the end determination and persistence will pay off during the interview process.



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