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Time to rally for something important

United States citizens are planning to rally in the streets in more than 100 American cities on August 29th and August 30th in support of a United States Marine being held in a Mexican prison since March 31st, the relatives of two murdered border patrol agents, and Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC–a group involved with organizing the demonstrations, stated that border patrol agents, veterans and police officers are “under siege” in the US. He also reported that the mainstream media consistently promotes a false and misleading narrative with regard to the teenager who was killed while supposedly surrendering to authorities in Missouri, the murder of border patrol agents Javier Vega Jr. and Brian Terry, and United States Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who is still in a Mexican prison while Mr. Obama welcomes illegals from that country with open arms. Gheen charged “widespread abuse and defamation” against the men by unscrupulous politicians and a Liberal-biased media.

Twenty-six year old Tahmooressi was apprehended by the Mexican government in March of 2014 after crossing the border with his personal guns in his automobile. Tahmooressi stated he was denied access to an interpreter and detained for eight hours without charge. Vega Jr. was shot and killed by some of the illegal aliens for which certain individuals in this country have such high regard. It should be mentioned that his murder occurred while he was off duty in Willacy County, Texas, fishing with his family.

Terry was murdered in 2010 during an exchange of gunfire at the border of Arizona and Mexico. Later, a Mexican man confessed to his guilt concerning the shooting in a case linked to the current administration’s Fast and Furious gun running scandal.

Gheen states that it is essential for the American public to understand why Tahmooressi is being abused in a Mexican prison, why border agents Vega and Terry are dead, and why Darren Wilson is in seclusion. Gheen is organizing the protests with Overpasses for America representative, James Neighbors.

Both Mexico and B. Hussein Obama want to persecute any individual who is resistant to tyranny and unconstitutional orders. It is obvious how much respect Mexico has for the United States when they treat our veterans like POWs. It is also obvious how much respect our President has for us when Mexico is allowed to do so. Although no American President can order the activities of foreign governments, many US citizens are sickened by the fact that Obama continuously allows illegals to flood into our country without the slightest attempt to use the freeing of Tahmooressi as a prerequisite or bargaining tool. Over 100 communities have already responded to both Overpasses for America and Americans for Legal Immigration PAC within five short hours of their announcement of the rallies today. For more information, visit: