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Time to get your roadie on, Texans fans

The Battle Red Freaks stopped by LP Field in Nashville on their way to New York
The Battle Red Freaks stopped by LP Field in Nashville on their way to New York

One of the more enjoyable experiences for NFL fans is to follow your team into enemy territory for a road game.

See a new city, meet new people. It's all good, and the players love the support.

Duane Brown had this to say when asked if he's starting to see more Texans fans show up in opponent's stadiums:

“I get a lot of tweets about it, how people traveling. You show up, you get in the tunnel, you see how many people out there cheering for you. That’s huge for us. We love that our fans travel so much and are really rallying behind us. It’s great to see people in the stands, to hear them cheering for you. It really gets us going.”

One group making the trip to New York this weekend is the 'Battle Red Freaks.' If you've been to a game at Reliant, you've probably seen them and judging from the pictures they've been posting on their Twitter and Facebook pages, it's probably going to be one of the more interesting follows for the weekend.

Some fans may have a bit of anxiety about travelling to an opponent's stadium, and yes there are stories about visiting fans getting treated badly by opposing fans, but I've been on several roadies over the years and have never had a serious issue.

"Don't start none, won't be none" has served me well over the years along with having a thick skin and practicing restraint. Although getting mooned by the stoned, flannel-wearing Seahawks fan back in '05 was totally unprovoked and is still burned into my brain.

Just be smart about it and you'll have a great time, i.e., don't march into the cheap seats at Soldier Field on a Sunday night after tailgating for five hours, wearing your horn heads and yelling 'Bulls on Parade' and expect to be treated with respect.

So get out there Texans fans and represent. There's five more road games coming up after New York.


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