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Time to get all steamed up: A steam iron can do more than press clothes

A steam iron is a great tool to have in the house. It does wonders for pressing clothes by removing wrinkles and putting in crisp seams. When the laundry basket is empty and all the shirts and pants are ironed we usually put the iron on a shelf until the next time you have the desire to iron another batch of clothes.

Steam can do wonders around the house!

That’s not all a steam iron can do!

Have you ever used a steam iron on anything else besides clothing? If not, then you aren’t utilizing this great little household hand-held appliance as much as you could.

Here are some ideas on how to use that steam iron around the house:

One of the best uses for a steam iron is to raise the pile on carpets after a piece of furniture is moved to another room or area. All you have to do is hold the iron an inch over the dented in area. Do not let the iron touch the carpeting. Once the carpet absorbs the steam after a minute or two use a stiff toothbrush to loosen up the fibers. The added moisture and the loosening of the fibers will bring that section of carpeting back to the same level as the rest of the carpeting in that room.

Some flooring that is put down in homes is made of vinyl and over time from constant washing a tile or two will start to lift. Before the tile gets damaged you can get the adhesive underneath it to re-set itself again using a steam iron. All you have to do is place a sheet of aluminum foil over the area and run the iron over the foil a few times. The heat will break down the adhesive just enough to get it sticky again. Press down on the tile and put something heavy and flat over that tile overnight. In the morning that loose tile with the edge that lifted up will be just as flat as the rest of the floor tiles.

Once in a while when candles are burned just moving the candle sticks and holders from one area to another can cause an accidental spill upon a table cloth. To remove the wax easily, take a clean towel that you use as a rag and place it over the waxy area. Then use the steam iron and iron the towel. Once the wax starts to melt, it will transfer to the towel leaving your table cloth wax free. If the area is large make sure you move the towel so that the wax won’t transfer itself back onto the table cloth.

You can do more than press clothes, sing a nursery rhyme by getting your iron all steamed up!

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