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Time to get a job

School is almost out for the summer. College classes are ending in the next few weeks high school classes end a few weeks after that. And this means that young people are seeking first and often second or third jobs. Many of the young people looking for work are hoping for jobs in retail and restaurant work. But others are hoping for jobs that could lead to careers.

"I would like to be a lawyer one day. But now I will accept whatever job I can get. I have applied to several grocery stories and one restaurant. My uncle started as a bagger and Publix and now he is a manager. So if I get hired at a grocery store, maybe I will make it a career," said James Canning.

"I have worked in the restaurant business. But now I am hoping for something a little better. I am applying for a computer programming job. It will be entry level but I can learn a lot by doing basic computer work," said Ralph Tomlinson.

"My goal is to become a teacher. So right now I am applying for camp counseling jobs. I hope something opens up because I like to work with kids," said Melinda Beal.

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