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Time to Foster and Create Native Nations Affluence

Native Business
Native Business

Time to Foster and Create Native Nations Affluence


Terrance H. Booth, Sr. Neesh Wil Gum – Tsimshian Nation

Since the very beginning of this country America Indian Tribes struggled for their survival and existence. Contrary to white man’s early expectations, the Indian tribes of North America are neither vanished nor assimilated. Despite almost four hundred years of contact with the dominate – and often domineering – Western civilization, they have maintained their cultural identity, the size, social organization, and their unique position before the law. [1]

Under 44 presidents there is still poverty among our Native Communities and the War on Poverty recently celebrated 50 years; even America has not resolved poverty for each day in any major city one would observe more and more homeless people and even total families are homeless. Unemployment is several times higher among Native Americans greater than society at large.

We have the knowledge, wisdom, talents and skills to create prosperity from within ourselves for we have many remarkable Native models of being successful. The business successes of the Jews, British, Japanese, Chinese and India have been dubbed global tribalism. [2] Alaska Native and Native American tribes can become Native Nations Tribalism having many tribal successes with even originating more Alaska Native and Native American Companies that can be exceedingly prosperous just marketing to their own Native Population that has buying power of $147 Billion dollars by 2017. [3]

We Natives have commonality, the same social and economic, all have overcome numerous adversarial government policies and legislative acts, still today Natives confront a do nothing Congress that put into place gross budgetary cuts to most of the Alaska Native and Native American Programs under the Republican Sequestration and tribes have to cut exceptional staffing for all of their tribal programs. Not only Alaska Native and Native American tribes but the minority poor of America have received major budget cuts that even impact the veterans of this country and among the veterans 30% of them are homeless and in the news the Veteran hospitals are under Congressional scrutiny.

Since Alaska Native and Native American Tribes under 44 presidents have faced very insensitive actions against all Natives and even have tried to eliminate Native in the form of termination and under termination policy between 1948 to 1957 Natives lost 3.3 million acres of Native lands. [4]

Our tribes of Indian Country, USA have with stood the worst of times and because of our resilient ethnic uniqueness and the ability to confront the new comers to today’s insensitive Republican Congressional leadership despite the inaction of Congress there are many tribal successes across Indian Country, USA. We have faced economic hard times and non-action politically by Congress has drawn Tribes to unify to bring about change and first time in 15 years the President of USA visited one Indian Reservation and created a forum to specifically address our social and economic issues that we confront on a daily basis. We have yet to see the major media highlight today’s Alaska Native and Native American state of Alaska Native and Native American social and economic dilemmas. In recent weeks this writer viewed the “Ed Show,” giving a Native American, to give views on global warming from a Native American perspective. All the actions over several decades by Congress and the Federal Government has united the Tribes and the National Congress of American Indians keeps legislative watch on the activities of the US Senate and US House of Representatives and communicates legislative alerts to all of Indian Country, USA. So in a sense, we are brought together in unity by the inappropriate actions of Congress and take a stand to correct any negative action for what Congress does impacts all of Indian Country, USA. We can and have collectively been brought together when adversarial legislative and policies acts are placed upon us and unity has brought the creation of positive Congressional legislation and under current presidential administration; the first time ever Native now have a Native American political advisor who briefs the president of Indian Affairs. For Arizona at the Federal Judges level a Hopi Lady was appointed being a first for all of Indian Country.

This school year at the University of Alaska, had a record number of Alaska Native graduates completing the college degrees. The modern world of Alaska Native and Native American youth need to have a strong desire for higher education for the existing world is one of advanced technology and other useful knowledge to specifically advance of all of Indian Country, USA. It is now essential that all of Indian Country, USA promotes higher education to specifically eliminate poverty from Indian Country, USA, see how to use scientific knowledge to preserve the languages of Indian Country, USA and see how-to create a vision for all of Indian Country, USA that puts into play National Native Nations Vision drawing from our tribal perspective, tribal in-put, tribal values, tribal strengths, tribal beliefs, and see how we can create Native Nations Tribal Globalization and become a major part of creating a world class of implementing tribal economic successes. As stated, under 44 presidents we have not prospered as Tribes it’s time change to become tribal economic powerhouses and we can do this from within ourselves and develop a powerful and effective Native Nations Tribal Globalization. We can build a new tribal economy that prosperous Natives and eliminate poverty in this generation on to the future of all of Indian Country, USA.

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