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Time to do a year-end business review

It's a new year today, which means it's time to make plans for the business in 2010.  But before that, there has to be a look back at 2009 and all that happened, successful and unsuccessful.  In order to do a year-end business review, the following questions must be asked:

  • What were the successes of 2009?  What new ideas worked?  Had business increased?

  • What were the failures of 2009?  What ideas did not work?  Had business decreased?

  • Who were the contacts made in 2009?  Which contacts will be kept?  Which will be dropped?

  • What things in 2009 should be done in 2010?  What should be done more?  What should be done less?  What should not be done at all?

  • Finally, was the original vision for the business honored?  Did circumstances force actions that went against it?  Does the vision have to be modified for any reason? 

The last question is very important.  Most women start their businesses with certain goals in mind, but they can get lost in everyday activities and occasional setbacks.  Revisiting the original vision for the business can get it back on track.

Now, with all the questions answered, plans for the business in 2010 can be made.


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