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Time To Celebrate Imbolg

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Imbolg, also known as the Feast of the Bride and Candlemas, takes place February 2. It is the Festival of Light. At Imbolg, we celebrate and encourage the return of the Sun, reborn at Midwinter. Days have begun to lengthen and though in many places Winter is still very much in evidence, the energies of Spring are stirring. Imbolg literally means "in the belly" and at this time the first sheep are in lamb. The Goddess changes her robes of Crone for those of the Maiden, who rules the dawn and the Spring. This is the first rite of Spring, the first buds are seen on the trees, the first flowers strike up through the frozen ground. Imbolg is also the feast of the Irish Fire Goddess Bride, known as Brigantia to the Celtic Britons and Bridget when she was Christianized. The colors of the season are white and yellow for the Goddess and light green for the God, who is once more young and carefree. Since it is also associated with the Dawn, the many colors of dawn are often used, including gold, orange, pink and lavender.

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One of the most famous customs associated with Imbolg is the Groundhog Oracle, predicting the timeliness of Spring's return. Locally, the Wisdom House Temple was known for its celebration with the late internationally renowned Caribou Freddie (aka Freddie the Ferret) and his amazing skill of predicting the onset of Spring.

Wishing all a Blessed Imbolg and a wonderful season!