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Time to beat the fire safety reality

Construction team works on Friars Road fire station on February 14th.
Construction team works on Friars Road fire station on February 14th.
Adam Benjamin

A busy San Diego firefighting fleet, short on stations and truks following the recession years closures and decisions to put trucks out of action, still gets bottled up. Fire emergency and response routes take too many blocks and turns to travel in time to keep locals safe.

Opportunities to renovate stations, and rebuild, have been building up. A new fire staton on Friars Road will protect safety in Mission Valley. The city council just decided to renovat3e the Ardath Road fire station in La Jolla and outclass the old limited firefighting facilities. Capital improvement funds the council has been spending to build up fleet station facilities during the recovery will cover the costs of improving the firefighters' living conditiions in the rooms and kitchen at the Ardath Road station.

The impractical work the firefighters handle using current active stations and turcks has to get fixed. Wasted response times keep San Diego firefighters helpless to use well drilled fire safety routines. Resurrecting a regular duty fleet is a plan the city council decided San Diego can afford during the early recovery years. THe plan is for the long term.

Do not miss any opportunities to pur a fire station in a community that does not have one. Or, opportunities to build up service at standing stations to timely service levels the locals know they can depend on. On call fire teams need to cover the disstance to fires and emergencies while San Diegans are still safe and sound.

Guarantee San Diegans stay safe protected by firefighters with the means to do their job. Take the rebuilding steps while Mayor Faulconer serves in the mayor's office. Do not let down years drag on.

Fire service is not jusst appreciated. It is heavily needed.

A firm colorful examination on truth. . . .

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