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Time productivity: Time spent well and well-spent

Learning how to use time effectively propels one's productivity.
Learning how to use time effectively propels one's productivity.
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A tremendous contributor to a workplace culture is management’s viewpoint on time. Manager send a very loud message to those who work for them based on the way they treat their employees when it comes to time. To develop a workplace culture of high performance manager should give careful consideration to three aspects of the way they spend their time and how they impact the way their employees spend time.

The three key factors in time allocation a relatively simple: (Click on any heading to read more about that point).

  1. Be on time for meetings.
  2. Make sure that what is being worked on has ROI.
  3. Make sure you are not creating “red-tape” and other barriers.

By mastering these three aspects of a team’s time a manager is able to rapidly increase productivity. If a team perceives they are doing busywork or wasting time in some other fashion they will develop a psychological perception that time is not a value which will result in the missing of deadlines and lost productivity.

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