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Time productivity: Make sure you are not creating “red-tape” and other barriers

Make sure you are not creating “red-tape” and other barriers.
Make sure you are not creating “red-tape” and other barriers.Used by license from

An important aspect of making sure that time is well spent is a take a hard look at processes and procedures. With new technology, experts agree, that if you are doing something today the same way you did five years ago you are not being as productive as possible. Lack of use of technology is only part of the barriers to effective use of time.

Business leaders love to “fix” problems by developing policies and procedures. Although they may seem wise at the time they often inhibit time usage - today and years into the future. Most often these “fixes” involve some sort of approval process.

At a company in Rochester Hills, Mich., which prefers to be nameless, they developed detailed approval processes that became extremely cumbersome. Employees had to negotiate forms for procuring a pencil, leaving work early, going to meetings outside of the office and many other aspects of their jobs. The forms themselves were not a problem is ever good for record-keeping. The problem was they had to be signed by upper management beforehand. This eliminated employees from taking advantage of time sensitive opportunities.

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