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Time productivity: Make sure that what is being worked on has ROI

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One of the biggest peeves in the workplace is busywork. Front-line employees are very quick to perceive what constitutes busywork and what tasks are within the scope of accomplishing the vision for their organization. If they are conscientious, and you better hope they are, they will resent the time they have to spend doing things for which they see no perceived value.

Judy, a merchandise planner in Kmart’s Detroit headquarters, had a policy that she would not begin a project given to the department as a whole until others had submitted their first drafts.

“My work is always turned in on time,” she said, “but I learned a long time ago at the way they first want something done will be changed. I just wait until a final format has been defined before I get started.”

This may seem like an unusual policy but while others are working on the first draft Judy was able to get additional work done making her one of the most productive in the department.

Managers need to evaluate every task before handing it over to the front-line employees to ensure the time they spend will be well spent.

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