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Time productivity: Be on time for meetings

Time productivity: Be on time for meetings.
Time productivity: Be on time for meetings.
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When the manager shows up late for an appointment the managers telling the employees at their time is more valuable than the employee’s time. Although this may seem to be true is not a message that a manager should send if they expect their employees to value their time.

On the contrary, being early to a meeting often allows a manager to have relationship building time with those who arrive to the meeting early. Many managers find this to be the most valuable time of any day as the relaxed atmosphere a pre-meeting setting offers provides for a less guarded conversation.

Another result of a lack of promptness to the start of a scheduled meeting is at others will quickly learn the starting time is not a real-time. Eventually a majority of employees will begin to come late for a meeting. This further reduces productivity of the entire workplace.

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